For students from Brandenburg outside the ABC area, as well as students of equine sciences and veterinary medicine in the 9th and 10th semester, the VBB offers a so-called "Zusatzticket zum Semesterticket Berlin".

The ticket contains the following principles:

  • it is optional, i.e. there is no obligation to buy as with the normal semester ticket according to Solidarmodell
  • it is only valid in connection with the Semesterticket Berlin ABC
  • can only be acquired by students who can prove that their residence is outside the Berlin ABC tariff zone, students of equine science and students of veterinary medicine in the 9th and 10th semesters of studies
  • it is valid for the same period in which the semester ticket is also valid for the whole VBB
  • it can be used with all of the VBB means of transport on the aforementioned route
  • Unlike the Semesterticket, it does not entitle to the free transport of a bicycle

The cost for the ticket is currently 160€ for one semester.

Other specifications:

  • the ticket must be purchased separately by the semester ticket holder from Deutsche Bahn using the subscription procedure
  • analogous to the subscription procedure valid today, the validity is extended to the proceeding semester if the customer does not object
  • for a new exhibition (loss, etc.) the student pays 15€
  • Tickets already purchased for the validity area outside the Berlin ABC fare zone (e.g. subscriptions) can be returned to the transport company where they were purchased
  • Whenever purchased, the ticket is always valid from the beginning of the semester (1st April/ 1st October), even when purchased after beginning. Therefore the full price also needs to be paid even when purchased after the beginning of the semester.

Distribution of information and distribution of tickets:

The issuing procedure will be taken over exclusively by Deutsche Bahn.

The student must apply to Deutsche Bahn for an additional ticket in the same way as the ABO procedure. The application form can be downloaded here, but is also available from the DB Reise&Touristik subscription centres.

Students must personally hand in, send or fax the signed application, together with a copy of the reverse side of their identity card (as proof of place of residence) or a matriculation certificate (proof of study programme), to the Berlin Abo-Center of DB Reise&Touristik at the following address:

DB Vertrieb GmbH
Abo-Center Berlin
Koppenstraße 3
10243 Berlin
Tel: 01805-066011 (DB Abo-Center)
Fax: 030 29737007
or: 030-25414141 (VBB-Info-Center)
Further information can be found here. (It is in german though.)
The subscription center collects the amount due and then sends the ticket promptly.
If you have any questions, please contact the semester ticket officer: